LETTER: Happy powers-that-be are clamping down on Pendle drug pushers

Well done to Lancashire Constabulary on the raids they conducted in Nelson and Brierfield.

Wannabe gangsters have been feeding off other people’s misery and misfortune and are the cause of many other crimes within the county, from petty theft all the way to muggings and burglary.

As residents we should not have to tolerate anyone supplying drugs in Nelson. Having grown up in Nelson, I’ve seen many changes in the town. The arrests clearly suggested one of the biggest changes is a lack of respect for the law, and the rise of a big organised crime network.

I want to feel safe in my own town. Unfortunately, there are people in the area who persist in making life intolerable for normal law-abiding residents, who are forced to put up with the related criminality drugs attract. We should not have to put up with the ruin it brings to people’s lives.

The drug pushers don’t work. They don’t pay tax, yet they earn a fortune. They stay at home all day, while driving round in blacked-out expensive cars abusing vulnerable people and taking from society while making a fortune illegally. All while honest hard-working people are earning money through graft and dedication. Ordinary residents have been able to see it around town for many years and now the authorities are getting a grip of it.

This is hopefully the first step in reassuring the community the police are determined to stamp out drugs in Pendle.

I hope those in our area who are a scurge on society are sleeping with one eye open. It’s only a matter of time.


Nelson South Candidate,

LCC Elections