LETTER: Governments guilty of bringing economy to a halt, not just banks

In response to Mr Crispin Limmer’s statement regarding my original letter I would like to reply to the following:

1. In no way in my letter did I mention going back to carbolic soap and leeches. This could not be further from the truth and, like other parts of his letter, have very little truth in them.

2. When I referred to the local authority and council tax levels being unaccountable it was by the fact that increases of the pay of senior staff levels are never published to council tax payers, nor are any details as to how pensions of these executives are funded.

3. It is very interesting to know how he got the figures of £60b. local authority pension funds and compares it to an entirely fictitious number of £850b. in bail-out fees to the banks. As the main bail out was to Northern Rock was £72m. it would be interesting to know where the fictitious number of £778b. was arrived at.

4. If anyone in Burnley would buy him a bottle of 1865 Chateauneuf du Pape, I, for one, would enjoy seeing him drink it as the contents would be totally and utterly useless having been bottled 146 years after production. The contents would probably smell atrocious.

5. I was at the cutting edge of treasury management at the time of Black Wednesday. This was a clear case of government incompetence and nothing at all to do with the British banking system. No doubt Mr Limmer might try to learn some basic economic facts before he commits such nonsense to print.

6. Last, but by no means least, it was not only the banks that were at fault bringing the systems to a halt. Successive governments have continued to overspend for years and individuals should also take part of the blame when they consider their home as an investment and not as a need for shelter.

Mr Jan Atkinson

Owen Street Rosegrove