LETTER: Gordon Birtwistle’s A&E campaign is all ‘spin’

I FEEL I must be allowed to pass comment on the article “PM quizzed over A&E” as, to me, no matter what spin is placed on it (and I must thank the Express for publishing the question in the exact form it was asked) it shows an abject capitulation of everything our Lib-Dem MP ever claimed to do if the people of Burnley elected him.

Please correct me if I’m wrong but does anyone see any demands for the A&E unit to be returned to Burnley General Hospital? Simple answer – no. Do you see any threat to fight to his last breath? Again no. Nor his claim to leave no stone unturned in his defence of the people of Burnley and the return of the A&E unit to Burnley General, plus the children’s ward? Not one word. And here he had the ideal chance to do all of those things yet he chose to ask a question which, in effect, amounted to an abject capitulation on every single thing he promises the people of this town. He was simply asking the PM not to let it happen again.

I suppose this is what happens when you make promises which are not within your capabilities. I just feel so sad a man could make so many empty promises only to back-track in such a manner then try to claim it as a success. It was nowhere near that. He claims in his Westminster Week column that his question kept up the pressure in his hospital campaign. If that what he calls pressure, God help us.