LETTER: Fair deal for all areas

ONCE again Burnley Council has let people in the South-West district down.

Travellers camped on the Harger Clough area left after three weeks, leaving a tip of rubbish and trees. To clear the mess will cost the ratepayers as usual.

It’s funny, but they were moved from Ightenhill (a much wealthier and upmarket area) within days, which stinks of the hypocritical policies of this council. In Burnley they pull down houses and don’t put deterrents in place to keep the travellers out. Putting up small fence-like features will stop them and if they break onto the site they should be prosecuted like the ordinary would be. If this fails, clamp their vans so they have to pay to get off!

To conclude, they leave tons of rubbish behind on the sites yet, if we, the paying public, dare to leave a black bag by our bin we are threatened with prosecution.