LETTER: Burnley’s road to nowhere?

I THOUGHT April Fools’ Day had come early when I went into Burnley town centre on Friday and Saturday.

The road from the top of Manchester Road down towards the town centre was closed for roadworks, but diversions signs were not really helpful.

At the Keirby roundabout diversion signs all indicated right; there was gridlock with traffic going up Yorkshire Street. The road left, and on Church Street, were open, but strangers to the town must have been bewildered – as I was.

Going back up Centenary Way, a diversion sign said turn right, and then, about a yard further along, one said straight on. It was more confusing as there were not any roadworks in sight.

Trying to get to Active Way was just as confusing.

Burnley town is not easy to navigate at the best of times, but this was ridiculous.