Woman needed plastic surgery after dog attack

A WOMAN needed plastic surgery after she was savaged by a dog on the doorstep of her Burnley home, a court was told.

Dong Hong Wang, who is terrified of dogs, collapsed on the ground and ended up struggling with the large bull mastiff which sunk its teeth into her calf. The victim suffered horrific injuries and was traumatised after the attack in Brief Street last October, the town's magistrates heard.

The dog's owner, Michael Ashe, who had previously been told by police to muzzle the animal and keep it under control, seemed unconcerned for the victim and did not help her, the prosecution claimed.

Ashe was last week jailed for 21 months for a vicious assault which left victim Neil Adams's social life in ruins. Yesterday he was given 150 days behind bars, to run at the same time, after admitting allowing an out-of-control dog to cause injury.

The defendant (20), of Milton Street, Brierfield, was banned from owning animals for 10 years and the Bench ordered the three-year-old bull mastif be destroyed.

Mrs Hilary Reece (prosecuting) said the victim was putting her keys in her door when she was bitten. A neighbour called an ambulance and she was taken to hospital, where she had to have plastic surgery.

A witness told police the dog had chased an elderly man weeks before and the defendant seemed amused by it.

Miss Sara Lyle (defending) said Ashe would say the dog was locked in the kitchen but as he went out to the front street, it escaped. It was chasing a cat and then turned its attentions on the victim.

The defendant was shocked and did go to her aid. Ashe had had the animal since it was a puppy but then gave it away and when it was returned, it was a different dog in its nature.

Miss Lyle went on: "He did not envisage the dog would ever have attacked anybody in this manner."