MILESTONE: 100-year-old Freda is still serving coffee

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A 100-YEAR-OLD woman still serving coffees at a Burnley church enjoyed a special birthday celebration.

Freda Jackson, of Brunshaw, runs the coffee bar at the Central Methodist Church in Hargreaves Street.

But on Sunday she was off duty as members of the congregation threw a birthday bash for her to mark the milestone day.

Around 50 people got together to enjoy a special lunch and a birthday cake after the Sunday service at the church. She even got a letter from her Majesty the Queen.

Keith Rawlinson, a friend of Freda’s from the congregation, said: “She is very active both in and out of the church and goes out every day. She is unflappable and takes everything in her stride.

“She still works in the coffee bar – she is still on the rota at 100 years old and helps serving the coffee. She sets a great example to us all in her service.

“We asked her what her secret to longevity is and she said ‘just keep moving.’”

Freda had a wonderful time at the lunch which featured her favourite meal – pie and peas.

Earlier in the week a Burnley butcher created a special edition sausage of Freda’s 100th birthday.

George Heys, who runs his family butchers in Lyndhurst Road, created the Jackson-Five Spice sausage for Freda who has been a customer for 31 years.

He was presented with some of the sausages, abouquet of flowers, card and Valentine’s balloon by shop staff.




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