VIDEO: ONESIE: What Burnley thinks of the fashion trend

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LOVE them or loathe them, onesies were among the top-selling Christmas gifts of 2012.

Boosted by celebrity fans, clothing shops and online retailers sold out weeks before the festive period started and Valentine’s Day saw a new rush for the all-in-ones.

At first they were sold as sleepwear but now more and more people are being spotted out and about at onesie parties and even, according to recent national media reports, at weddings and funerals.

From animal print to onesies with “feet,” the designs on the market are endless.

But would you dare be seen wearing one in public, or should the onesie, comfortable as it is, be kept behind closed doors?

We dressed Burnley Express sports reporter Daniel Black and editorial assistant Laura Longworth in onesies and took to the streets of Burnley to find out what shoppers and traders in the town make of the trend.




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