UFO alert over Burnley

A SECOND UFO has been spotted over Burnley.

Last week, the Burnley Express reported sightings of a formation of lights hovering in the sky.

But now there has been a second report of unexplained objects appearing over Burnley.

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Mr Eddie Rawlinson captured these images on Saturday, one at 10-08 a.m. and the second at 10-17 a.m., while visiting Worsthorne.

He said: "After the awful weather, for a change we had a clear blue sky and I noticed a bright object travelling from the north in a southerly direction. It wasn't an aeroplane and didn't appear to be a balloon.

"I had my camera with me which has a 40 times zoom lens and managed to get the object on my screen and took a picture. With the lens fully extended and with no tripod it was difficult to keep the bright object in the frame, but I succeeded in getting a few shots.

"It could be they were satellites and on a clear day reflected in the sunlight. I wouldn't like to say. There is movement on the bright lights yet I was shooting at 1/500th of a second so these things in the sky would themselves be moving around at a fair lick."

This sighting follows the reports from Friday, August 15th, when residents were left baffled by a series of unusual lights. Since then, more people have come forward to say they saw the lights and one or two have suggested explanations for the phenomena.

The strange sight was seen over Burnley around 10-40 p.m. and was described by witnesses as up to 20 lights, many of which were in formation. They quickly disappeared. Several people tried to take pictures but were unable to capture the lights.

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