Songbird’s latest “Enchanted” album for charity

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A young soprano who has become something of a charity champion in recent years has released her latest CD to help a good cause.

Rossendale songstress Grace O’Malley officially launched her fourth album “Enchanted”, the sales of which will raise money for the Petal children’s cancer charity.

Grace (15) was joined at Towneley Hall for the launch by representatives of the Skipton-based charity.

Grace said: “I am very happy to help Petal. The CD contains 12 of my favourite songs of various types.

“One ‘I See The Light’ is a duet with my sister Megan. I hope it sells lots of copies for the charity.”

Karen Mendoros, chairman of Petal, said: “It means a huge amount to us because Grace always atrracts young and old listeners.

“Any money raised will go towards our target for £150,000 for a neurobastoma trial in Leeds this year.”

The CD can be bought from or by ringing 079678 15559.




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