Pensioner escapes Burnley bungalow blaze


A PENSIONER was forced to flee a blaze which broke out in the roof of her Burnley home.

The woman, in her nineties, escaped her Highfield Avenue bungalow after hearing a bang and seeing flames shoot across the ceiling.

She fled the property and firefighters were called in to deal with the blaze at around 8-30pm last night.

Watch manager Steve Harrison, of Burnley Fire Station, said: “The lady had heard a bang and went in to the bathroom where she saw flames going across the ceiling.

“The fire was up above in the roof and it had been burning for some time. It was quite a significant fire.

“It was fortunate that she had noticed it because where the fire was. It was not covered by smoke detectors because it was in the loft.”

Firefighters had to use breathing apparatus and thermal imaging cameras while tackling the blaze which burned through roof timbers.

The woman escaped the fire unharmed but parts of the bathroom and loft were left badly damaged.

Watch manager Harrison believes the fire may have started because of an electrical fault in a light fitting.

He said: “This lady had been living there for 40 years.

“If people have been in their home for a number of years it is advisable to get the electrics checked out.

“Over time the wiring degrades and I think that it what may have happened in this case. If the wiring is not up to spec it can cause a fire.”