PADIHAM: ‘Come Dine With Me’ TV date for Carol Stinton

Carol Stinton who is appearing on Come Dine With Me
Carol Stinton who is appearing on Come Dine With Me

FAMILY, friends and colleagues are preparing to gather around the television next week to watch the Mayoress of Padiham make her debut on the cult show “Come Dine With Me”.

And although admitting she was “apprehensive” about how she will appear, Mrs Carol Stinton said she was also excited and looking forward to watching the show when it airs on Channel Four on Sunday, January 23rd.

And although she knows which position she came in the show, Mrs Stinton said she had not told a soul because she wanted people to find out when they watch the show on Channel Four at 8 p.m. Mrs Stinton was one of four lucky culinary hopefuls from East Lancashire chosen to appear in the show which sees contestants attend dinner parties at each other’s homes and award points for the night. The winner scoops £1,000 in cash.

She said: “A lot of people have been asking me when the show will be on because they don’t want to miss it. I am planning a bit of a get together with friends and family to watch the show, I don’t know how I will come across yet though.

“It was great fun making it and I have met up with the other people who appeared on the show since, we all had dinner together and chatted about what we had said about each other and the food.’’

Grandma Mrs Stinton (68) who lives with her husband, David in River Drive, Padiham, battled it out in the kitchen against cooks from Darwen, Kelbrook and Oswaldtwistle. Mrs Stinton made a soup starter, beef main course and sponge pudding dessert. Programme makers filmed her at Padiham Town Hall, St Leonard’s Church in Padiham and Towneley Hall in Burnley where she works.

Programme makers admitted that with Mrs Stinton, who is also a magistrate, on board it was “one of the funniest they have ever filmed.’’ Mrs Stinton was asked to appear on the show after applying when she saw an advertisement in a chip shop in Brierfield.

Mrs Stinton, who appeared on antiques show “Going Going Gone” in the 1990s and “The Weakest Link”, has since applied to appear on BBC Television’s “Bargain Hunt”, another reality show where two teams are each given £300 to buy antiques to sell at auction and whoever raises the most wins.

Mrs Stinton said: “The BBC rang me and asked me a series of questions about antiques. I got five out of 10 correct but they needed a higher score so I didn’t get on.’’