PADIHAM: Apple use designer’s ‘Catch That Cat’ game on iPhone

Mr David Fergus who designs games for the iPhone. Photo Ben Parsons
Mr David Fergus who designs games for the iPhone. Photo Ben Parsons

an amateur games designer from Padiham is hoping for that lucky break that could net him a million.

David Fergus, of Masefield Avenue, is celebrating after his third game was accepted by software giants Apple for its popular mobile iPhone range.

The game called “Catch That Cat” costs 59p to download on the phone, of which 42p goes direct to David who was inspired, bizarrely, by his Russian cat.

“My wife is Russian and spends most of her time there. I was in our apartment in Pskov when I was chasing our cat around trying to get it out of the room.

“It suddenly dawned on me that that would be a good idea for a mobile phone game. I’ve already had two games accepted which are available to download.

“The first one is called ‘The Battle of Britain Anniversary’ and another is a rally game which has had 600 downloads. The trick is to find that magic ingredient – basically how addictive is a game. The more addictive the game the more downloads. There have been one or two on the iPhone which have made their creators millionaires.”

David (59), who studied electronic engineering at UCLan, has also worked for Samsung. He uses the C++ programming language to design the games and is already working on his next one.

“I suppose you can call this my hobby. It’s not made me much money so far, but you never know.”