Bringing more jobs to Burnley

Important meetings: Gordon has been discussing plans to bring more investment into Burnley
Important meetings: Gordon has been discussing plans to bring more investment into Burnley

Last week in Parliament I was delighted to host an intern for a week.

It is great to share the experience of Westminster with young people and I am always keen to involve them in everything I do.

Monday was busy with Parliamentary business. I then attended an important dinner with the director of Sellafield Limited. Sellafield is the most complex and challenging nuclear site in Europe and are facing many challenges. The dinner was engaging and it was good to discuss these challenges and the progress they are making as a company. I was interested to learn more about all the work they are doing in East Lancashire.

I then had a meeting with Vince to discuss once again ongoing investment and creation of jobs in Burnley. I am keen to ensure that we as a town continue to thrive and that we continue to grow. I am always proud of how far we have come in the past few years but know there is still work to be done. I will continue to do all I can on this both in Parliament and in Burnley.

Tuesday I was once again discussing apprenticeships and sending the message out they will provide young people with skills and ensure that we have a skilled work force. I then went along to meet some constituents at the NHS Lobby. The event was specifically for NHS staff and MPs from the North West region and my colleagues from neighbouring constituencies were also there. It was good to meet the individuals who work for the NHS and discuss the Independent Pay Review Body’s recommendation on NHS pay.

I then had a meeting to secure the debate on the provision of suitable education for children with autism and was delighted to secure it for July 17th.

It is important that I stand up for the children and the families who are not being appropriately taken care of. It is frightening how many children with autism seem to have problems in finding a suitable school and I will be highlighting this in Westminster next week.

I then had an interview with the daily politics to discuss being bitten by dogs while out delivering. I know that many postmen and postwomen all across the country are victim to being attacked while doing their job and I shared my story where one time I was bitten on the backside.

Thursday and Friday were busy and I was then off for a Parliamentary weekend.