Padiham ‘ridiculous’ traffic lights set for switch-on

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PADIHAM’S mayor has accused county hall chiefs of ignoring pleas to scrap “illogical” town centre traffic lights.

Coun. Alan Ravenscroft urged officials to see sense over the Burnley Road lights which were installed last year under £300,000 highways improvements but never switched on.

Fears are that setting them live now would cause traffic chaos in Padiham and Coun. Ravenscroft says he was given assurances that town councillors would be consulted before a final decision was taken.

But now Lancashire County Council figures say the traffic signals will become operational in the next few weeks to provide a safe crossing point for pedestrians.

Coun. Ravenscroft said it was “utterly ridiculous” that councillors’ concerns have not been listened to.

He said: “They promised they would come and talk to us but they have ignored us.

“They have totally ignored the town.

“I said come down and have a look and you will see that there is no-one dicing with death crossing the road.

“I am very disappointed that they said they would talk to the town council. We reported it to town councillors. They totally ignored it.”

The traffic lights were part of improvements to the roads around the new Tesco superstore which opened in October last year.

Engineers have had problems hooking the lights up to the electricity supply because of the location on Padiham Bridge.

Calls were made to scrap the light before they had even been switched on over hears that the town centre could become a bottleneck for traffic.

But now county hall officials say they are preparing to switch them on.

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “The pedestrian crossing was specified as part of the planning conditions to provide a safe crossing point.

“Its location was chosen to make it easy for people to visit the store on foot from nearby residential areas, and by users of the Padiham Greenway, while leaving their car at home and reducing pressure on traffic on the local road network.

“We’ve been informed by Electricity Northwest that they’re due to connect the lights up very shortly.”