Mobile egg app hatches fitness plan

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An Ecuador-born university lecturer has hatched a novel way to encourage children to walk more, by using digital eggs.

Dr Angel Salazar and his Burnley wife Andrea have created a mobile phone app, Edd Eggs, which allows children to collect eggs and puzzles while walking outside.

The lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, and Andrea, a teacher at Pendle Vale College, formed AIDA Technology to promote the app.

Dr Salazar said: “I was born in Ecuador but have lived in Burnley with my wife for a number of years now.

“We were inspired to develop this app during our frequent walks in our local parks and reservoirs with our dog.

“Burnley has beautiful places to walk and we would like parents to go outdoors more frequently with their children.

“Far too many children of Year 6 age are classed as overweight so we think this will encourage children to walk more.”

AIDA has just won a grant from Manchester Council to create three new jobs to help develop the app further.

The company is now looking for backers to enable the app to be released free in August.

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