Burnley canal plunge horse has ‘lucky escape’


A horse had a lucky escape after plunging into the canal in Burnley.

The animal fell into the water along the Leeds and Liverpool canal near the new Burnley Bridge Business Park this morning.

Fire crews were called out to save the stricken horse from the waterway near Junction 9 of the M65 motorway in Burnley.

Two fire crews including the specialist swiftwater rescue team, which has large animal rescue training, were called out to the incident at 8-30am after the alarm was raised by police.

But as emergency services arrived the horse had managed to haul itself back onto the banks of the canal.

Acting crew manager Kevin Birchall, of Padiham Fire Station, said: “There are fields next to the canal. One of the horses got too close to the side of the canal and fell in.

“In this case the horse had managed to get out of the canal by itself, thankfully. It was a lucky escape because sometimes these things don’t end well.”