Pupil Parliament honour Great War dead

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Children laid the first of more than 4,000 wooden crosses at a war memorial in honour of Burnley men killed in the First World War.

Youngsters from the Pupil Parliament laid the wooden tributes at the foot of the Towneley Park memorial as the town prepares to mark 100 years since the conflict began.

The crosses represent the 4,212 Burnley and Padiham men who died in the war and each one bears the name of a soldier who laid down their life.

Children from primary and secondary schools across Burnley and Padiham will follow suit in the coming weeks as part of the “Little Children Weak” project ahead of Great War centenary commemorations in August.

Crosses are also being laid by pupils in Padiham at the town’s war memorial along Blackburn Road.

Mike Townend, senior curator at Towneley Hall, said: “Children from the Pupil Parliament were the first young people in the town to lay crosses for the First World War project they are involved with.

“Every school in the borough is involved in it.

“There will be more than 4,000 crosses and each cross has the name on of someone from the town who died in the war.

“Each school will be visited by a volunteer who will recount the story of one person who fought in the war which will lead them into individual stories that they will be looking into.”

“It will help bring the history into the 21st century.”

Pupils from each school across the town will be doing research as part of the Heritage Lottery Fund project before coming to lay their own crosses at the park memorial.




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