Health Minister impressed with Burnley charity work

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Health Minister Jane Ellison was given a first-hand view of the community work being carried out by those recovering from drug or alcohol misuse when she visited Burnley.

Mrs Ellison was at Towneley Park to see around 50 Red Rose Recovery volunteers take part in a environmental clean-up.

The Red Rose charity, which is based in Accrington but has satellite offices across the county, helps give people seeking rehabilitation the chance to contribute to their local communities by taking part in education, employment or volunteering.

Chief officer Peter Yarwood said: “It is an opportunity for us to tackle stigmas that prevent people from moving on. There are a lot of people in recovery and these people can recover and become assets. These are volunteers giving back and forming positive social connections.

“At Towneley they were planting trees, taking rubbish out of the river and cleaning up the park. The minister really enjoyed the visit. We could have taken her to an office and fed her tea and biscuits but we thought it would be better if she saw the people giving back.”




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