Giving vital equipment to Burnley General Hospital to remember Oliver

DEVOTED PARENTS: Simon and Lynsey Jordan
DEVOTED PARENTS: Simon and Lynsey Jordan

An assistant college principal has presented vital equipment to Burnley General Hospital in memory of his stillborn baby son.

Mr Simon Jordan, who works at Burnley College, completed a gruelling 100-mile run in under 24 hours to raise £5,000.

Further fund-raising events organised by Mr Jordan and his wife Lynsey took the total to £6,000, which was used to buy two cold cots for stillborn babies and a bespoke wooden crib for the birth suite at the Lancashire Women and Newborn Centre.

Their son Oliver, was stillborn on July 4th last year at 36 weeks and they wanted to do something to support families who had experienced a similar loss.

Mr Jordan said: “After going through what we did as a family, we wanted to be able to provide comfort and support to people who have also experienced the loss of a child.

“We wondered what we could do and we thought that being able to purchase the cold cots for the Trust would provide just a bit more comfort to other parents and allow us to celebrate the memory of Oliver.”

Midwife Tracy Thompson said: “We’d like to thank this lovely couple, for this very generous donation.

“It is really, really hard for mums and dads to say goodbye to their stillborn babies. The baby’s skin starts to change and break down within a couple of hours and these changes usually limit the time parents can spend with their little ones.

“These cots are cold and therefore they help delay the skin changes and so forth and that is so important because it means mums and dads can choose when they want to say goodbye, rather than feeling rushed into it.

“This is so important because this is the only time parents of stillborn babies will have with their child.

“These memories will stay with them forever.”

Mr and Mrs Jordan, who have a son Harry (3), enlisted the help of Simpson Furniture in Colne to build the bespoke wooden crib and also used words from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” on the cot’s memorial plaque which pays tribute to Oliver.