Burnley pal of tragic Andrew (23) offers mental health advice

Mustafa Hussain. (s)
Mustafa Hussain. (s)

The friend of a young Burnley man who died after battling mental illness has urged others with similar problems not to suffer in silence.

Mustafa Hussain (22) was living with Andrew Peter Allen (23) in St John’s Road, Burnley, where it is believed he took his own life in March.

Andrew Peter Allen (s)

Andrew Peter Allen (s)

Mr Hussain said he was still struggling to come to terms with his friend’s death but wanted to try and help others suffering with mental health to get the help they need, before it is to late.

“I’m still really distraught. Some mornings I just wake up and I’m in tears. He liked my company and I liked his company. He was a good friend.

“I want anybody who is suffering with mental illness to go forward and get help. They shouldn’t leave it too late. They need help. They shouldn’t just keep it in or dwell on it.”

Andrew’s parents, David and Alison, said their son was gifted young man who was a talented musician and a qualified tree surgeon.

He qualified at Myerscough College and spent six months of his course in Australia.

Mustafa said: “I was helping him out. He had been struggling with his mental health. I knew him for two years, after we met on the psychiatric unit in Burnley.

“Anybody who needs help or who knows somebody who needs help can ring the Lancashire Care NHS Mental Health Helpline on 0500 639 000.”