Burnley mum-of-two’s 15-year weight battle

Jennifer Blevins after losing four-and-a-half stones (s)
Jennifer Blevins after losing four-and-a-half stones (s)

A Burnley woman has told of her struggle with her weight after losing four-and-a-half stones in just five months.

Mum-of-two Jennifer Blevins (35) spent 15 years avoiding clothing shop changing rooms, weighing scales and would not let people take her photograph.

Jennifer Blevins

Jennifer Blevins

Jennifer had struggled with her weight since her teenage years and her size often fluctuated alongside other changes in her life.

“Unfortunately, whenever I was settled in a relationship or career, the pounds just seemed to creep on.

“Although, overall, I was happy in my life, my weight was always the issue I could never get right.

“It left me feeling like losing weight was something I would always fail with so in the end I gave up trying.”

After some persuasion from her friends, Jennifer joined Slimming World and said it has completely changed her life.

“I have a real confidence now and a positive outlook on my future. My partner would tell you that my general mood has improved too.”

Jennifer now runs a Slimming World group on Thursday evenings at Rosegrove Unity.