Firefighters save dog from Burnley house blaze

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FIREFIGHTERS saved a dog from a blaze at a Burnley house this afternoon.

The Alsatian was found cowering in the living room when firefighters broke into the Waddington Avenue property.

Neighbours alerted the fire brigade at 1 p.m. after hearing smoke alarms in the house and saw smoke pouring from an upstairs window.

Fire crews search the property for the 64-year-old owner but luckily she was out at the time.

They quickly tackled the flames in the upstairs bedroom which was left badly damaged by smoke and flames.

Crew manager Mark Hammond from Burnley Fire Station said: “Fortunately the house was fitted with smoke alarms and neighbours heard them going off or the damage could have been a lot worse. It shows that they do work.

“When the owner came home she was very happy that her dog was OK.”

He said that investigations were being carried out as to the cause of the fire but it is not being treated as suspicious.