Mountain rescue teams help get Cliviger kidney patient to hospital

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A KIDNEY patient had to be helped by mountain rescue teams to get to a vital hospital appointment after he was snowed in.

Volunteers from Pendle and Rossendale Mountain Rescue carried Mr Marc Rainbird to a waiting ambulance at around 2pm on Monday after the farm track leading to his Cliviger home, off Park Road, became filled with drifting snow.

The ambulance waited between Park Road and Burnley Road to transport Mr Rainbird, who is in his 40s, to the Royal Preston Hospital for a dialysis appointment.

Rescue teams also attended the same address around 8pm when he returned from hospital but, by that time, the track had been largely cleared of snow by Mr Rainbird’s carer Mr Marc Korobczyc (37).

“He was supposed to go last Friday but the weather was atrocious and he was worried he wasn’t going to get home. But he had to go on Monday. I can now get down the lane in my 4 x 4.

“Marc was really grateful to the mountain rescue and everyone who helped to get him to hospital.”

Mr Graham Dalley, deputy team leader for the mountain rescue, said: “We put him in a chair and carried him to the ambulance. “Because we’ve had these high winds, snow has filled up these little farm lanes.

“It’s been up to 4ft. and 5ft. deep, we’ve struggled to get to the farms. We had to help move the same man last year because of the snow.

“We wouldn’t normally move patients, they’d be advised to rearrange but, if it’s something urgent and critical, we’ll step in to help. We’ve helped with dialysis patients before.”

The mountain rescue has seen one of its busiest periods with many people living in remote areas cut off because of snow last weekend and into the early part of this week.

Mr Dalley added: “Burnley was the worst area that we had, we had a vehicle on stand-by all weekend.