Problem parkers raise Burnley child safety fears

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FEARS have been raised about the safety of children outside a Burnley school because of problem parkers.

Police say children are being put in danger by parents parking “inconsiderately” outside St Peter’s Primary School.

Officers say significant problems are being caused by a handful of parents persistently parking right outside the school to collect their children during busy times.

Steps have been taken to tackle the problem by the Church Street school but staff say a minority are unwilling to change their behaviour.

Police have stepped in and have promised to take firm action which could include slapping persistent offenders with fixed penalty notices.

Sgt Jim Astin, of Burnley Police, said: “Efforts to resolve the situation have so far been unsuccessful due to the unwillingness of some parents or guardians to comply with a reasonable request to show consideration to others who are attending the school at key times.

“It is appreciated that these parents do not intend their actions to compromise the safety of others, however it is now quite clear that this behaviour is a potential risk to the safety of young children.

“This practice is completely unacceptable and the police have been asked to intervene in an effort to resolve this issue and resolve the potential risk that currently exists.”

Police are set to increase high-visibilty patrols in the areas, monitor the situation and use mobile CCTV vans to identify repeated offenders.

Sgt Astin said: “We are looking at dealing with persistent individuals that are not taking our advice on board.

“We will be speaking to people who are contravening waiting restrictions, zigzag areas or who are causing an obstruction.

“We have the option of issuing fixed penalty notices. We do not want to be doing that, but obviously if all these efforts are not being heeded by this small number of individuals then we will have to consider it.”

Letters have been sent out to parents about the problem and police are offering advice.

Anyone with concerns can contact Sgt Astin on or by calling Burnley Police Station on 425001.