Disabled driver branded ‘lazy’ in Padiham store incident

Carla Meleleu who had her car scratched whilst parked on the Tesco car park in Padiham.

Carla Meleleu who had her car scratched whilst parked on the Tesco car park in Padiham.

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A disabled mother was shocked after being targeted by a suspected middle aged vandal and branded “lazy” for parking in a Padiham store disabled bay.

Carla Meleleu (32) who had two hip replacements and struggles to walk, saw her friend’s car attacked with a key and scratched outside Padiham Tesco.

But despite displaying her blue disabled badge, Carla found a rude note left on the vehicle accusing her of feigning disability and being idle.

She said: “I am a lady in my early 30s who, due to a long-term medical condition, has undergone two major operations in recent years – the last of which I am still recovering from.

“My condition means I am only able to walk short distances and, after the proper assessment, I was issued a disable parking permit.

“But they have just taken it upon themselves to be spiteful. People taking the law into their own hands is not right.”

Carla visited the store on Monday but returned to find the car damaged and a note left on the windscreen. She reported the incident and police reviewed CCTV footage and a suspect was spotted.

Carla said: “The CCTV images showed a middle aged lady get out of a small, light-coloured car, walk past our car then back to her own vehicle then return with a note before entering the store.

“Obviously I’m very annoyed a person who does not know me or my medical history can assume that, because the signs of my disability are not relatively obvious, I have no right to park in a disabled bay.”

Police confirmed they are investigating and are looking for a woman in connection with the offence.