Burnley Crown Court delays as barristers protest

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Proceedings at Burnley Crown Court were delayed this morning (Monday) as barristers withdraw their services in protest at proposed cuts to legal aid.

Not officially described as a strike as barristers, in effect, are self-employed, the walkout is in protest at government plans to slash legal aid fees by up to 30%.

The barristers were joined by solicitors in the action.

It is the first time barristers have withdrawn their labour, according to the Criminal Bar Association, and the first time the two wings of the legal profession have taken co-ordinated, national action.

The protest has been co-ordinated with the Justice Alliance, which is supported by trade unions, charities and other organisations.

Proceedings at Burnley Crown Court were expected to resume as normal this afternoon.

Our video shows barrister Ramin Pakrooh reading a statement outside Bristol Crown Court




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