Hapton death smash bridge: residents voice fears

Ben and Albert Marsh with the petition with over 650 names over the dangers of the road bridge at Hapton.

Ben and Albert Marsh with the petition with over 650 names over the dangers of the road bridge at Hapton.

The grandad of a teenager who died in a horror crash in Hapton has handed over a petition to highways bosses calling for a notorious bridge to be made safer.

Mr Albert Marsh (60) has collected hundreds of signatures in support of safety measures at the Manchester Road bridge after the death of Estelle Thompson (17) last month.

Meanwhile Hapton residents turned out in force to the latest meeting of the parish council to voice their fears.

People living near the accident blackspot have requested traffic calming measures be put in place but felt traffic lights and speed bumps would not resolve the problem as these would not slow down stolen vehicles.

A chicane was suggested to slow vehicles down and would have an additional benefit of reducing the number of wing-mirrors being knocked.

Residents reported near misses on a weekly basis as vehicles speeding over the bridge can be heard from the houses. They said residents do not cause the problem and the bridge has become a challenge for modified cars.

People have witnessed cars going over the bridge at speed, stopping and turning around to go back. More police presence was suggested but the problem is at all times of the day and night. It was also suggested other areas of the borough had received calming measures following accidents and this should now apply to Hapton.

Residents felt a concealed entrance sign is needed on the bridge, mirrors were suggested but could not be used due to potential sun dazzle.

It was also asked if double yellow lines could be put on the bottom of Manchester Road where it joins Simpson Street due to poor sight lines when pulling out with parked vehicles and if the wall on the bridge could be sandblasted as there is an image remaining of a car.




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