Tesco snub for Padiham sports club

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A LONG-RUNNING sports club in Padiham claims it has been snubbed by supermarket giant Tesco over plans for a community sports scheme.

Padiham Sports Club hoped to develop sporting facilities and activities in partnership with Tesco which is constructing an £11m. superstore in the town.

Club stalwart Alan Smith was optimistic of backing from the supermarket which he says prides itself on the promise of “actively supporting local communities.”

But hopes were dashed when bosses at the multi-billion pound retail behemoth said they did not have a budget to support the plans.

Mr Smith, who is secretary at the Arbories Memorial Sports Ground, expressed his disappointment.

He said: “We were hoping as a group that Tesco would become a major partner of the sports club and assist us in achieving better facilities, putting more sports on and them to become an integral part of the town.

“Statements on their website say Tesco is a community-friendly organisation that wants to get involved with local groups and wants to support them.

“They are so public in saying they want to be part of the community so you would think they would be looking to see how they could integrate into the town.”

Tesco bosses were invited to Padiham to see the Arbories Memorial Sports Ground facilities, which has seen £500,000 of improvements over the past decade, but this was declined.

Mr Smith said the club was told this week Tesco did not have enough money to support involvement with the scheme.

However, a spokesman for Tesco said the company would be getting involved with the community in Padiham.

He said: “We always get involved with the community at our stores. Through working with local charities, organisations and our customers we can make a real difference in the communities we serve.”