SAVE MONEY: Cheaper gas and electricty bills for Burnley?

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A PIONEERING scheme in Burnley could see people power help bring energy bills down in hundreds of hard-up homes.

Families in Burnley could save up to £200 a year on their gas and electric bills under the ground-breaking proposals.

Burnley Council is powering ahead with the community energy switching scheme which is aimed at bargaining with energy companies for a better deal.

Other councils in Lancashire have followed Burnley’s lead on the idea and hopes are that thousands of bill-payers will register to join the scheme.

Council Leader Julie Cooper has put the finishing touches to a new website which gives people the chance to register their interest in the money-saving scheme.

The “people power” website will launch on Monday and people can log on up to April 8th and input a few details including information about their current gas and electricity supplier from a recent bill.

The “switching” organisation iChoosr will then go to energy companies with information about how many thousands of Lancashire people are interested in getting a better deal.

In mid-April, iChoosr will contact people who have registered with details on the best deal on offer.

Coun. Cooper said “As a Council committed to supporting people, we are constantly searching for new initiatives to make life a little better.

“Registering for this ground-breaking scheme is free, open to anyone, and doesn’t put you under any obligation.

“Residents who register will have the opportunity to get a better deal on their energy bills. The more people register, the more likely it is that there’ll be savings”.

The website will go live on Monday or people can call Contact Burnley on 01282 425011.