New jobs boost as Farmfoods takes over Burnley Kwik Save store

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NATIONAL chain Farmfoods has bought the former Kwik Save site in Accrington Road, Burnley.

The company bought the property last year from Burnley Council and it is due to open soon bringing new jobs to the area.

The store become a prime target for vandals after its shock closure in June 2007 when all the staff were made redundant. The council bought the site as part of a regeneration package in the area.

Farmfoods expect to open for business within weeks, and have workmen on site, bringing both the store and its surroundings back up to scratch.

The council’s Chief Executive Mr Steve Rumbelow said: “We stepped in to buy this site last year when the property market was experiencing difficulties. The site had been empty for almost three years and was becoming very run down, vandalised and a target for anti-social behaviour. The council intervened to prevent its demise and make the site more attractive to investors.

“We promoted and packaged the site as part of an area undergoing major regeneration, sitting alongside the brand new £3.5m. Moorhouses Brewery and the new Keepmoat housing developments surrounding the site and were delighted at the interest we received.

“Our long term aim is to improve all key gateways to the town. Initial perceptions are lasting perceptions and we are committed to the ‘stop the rot’ campaign which we launched last year.

“Residents and businesses in the surrounding area will greatly benefit from this site now being occupied which will greatly increase confidence in the area.”

People in the area objected to Kwik Save being built when plans were first approved for the 11,000 sq. ft. building in 1994. The store was the scene of a raid by gun-toting robbers in December 2001, believed to have been carried out by a Manchester gang.

Council leader Coun. Charlie Briggs said: “The sale of the site will bring this area of Accrington Road back to life and lead to the creation of new jobs for local residents, reflecting a real confidence in South West Burnley which will undoubtedly be a catalyst for further investment.”

He added: “We all have to pull together to improve the area.”