Neighbours at wits’ end over Padiham ‘eyesore’

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Neighbours of an “eyesore” Padiham site owned by a multi-million pound firm are calling for an end to the nightmare.

Waterside Mews residents say their homes are being blighted by the Equestrian Surfaces site in Station Road which is piled high with plastic bales.

Homeowners on the riverside estate say they have exhausted every channel for action and are now appealing to the company to clean up its act.

But bosses at the equestrian arena firm, which has its headquarters in Phoenix Way, Burnley, say they are working with Burnley Council to seek an alternative storage site and have been removing bales.

One neighbour, who did not want to be named, said action could not come quick enough. The resident said: “It has been a problem for 15 years, but as it is now it has been three years.

“The bales have not moved for three years.

“The site is deteriorating by the day. The bales are so old some have trees rooted in them and others are torn with product spilling out.

“The smell gets bad when the weather is warm – it is a rotting type smell.

“How would they like this outside their home?”

The resident said efforts to force action over the state of the site had proved fruitless – despite assurances the council was helping the family-run business find a new storage centre.

“We don’t know where to go now. We have been down every channel we can. Nobody has the backbone to insist something is done. They get to a point where everybody just gives up on it.

“The Environment Agency said, as far as they were concerned, they were doing nothing wrong and the stuff on the site was legal.

“We want to sell our house in future but we cannot do it. We are literally at our wits’ end.”

Tom Harper, operations manager at Equestrian Surfaces, said: “Plans are ongoing with the council to find an alternative site. We have been proactive and started to remove product from the site already. Approximately an eighth of the product has been moved in the past two weeks.

“We will continue to do this over the coming months as well as looking for a new site for storage.”




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