Broken headstones dumped at Burnley Cemetery

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A Burnley woman has hit out after broken headstones were dumped over a wall at Burnley Cemetery.

Pat Woolven (51) was on an organised tour of the cemetery when she noticed piles of the broken monuments behind a wall in the old part of the site.

She said whoever had dumped the stones had been disrespectful to the memory of those who had died.

Burnley Council said it was not responsible for dumping the headstones and has launched an investigation to catch the culprit.

Miss Woolven said: “It’s disgusting. It’s very disrespectful to the memory of these people. The stones could be broken down properly and re-used but they have just been pushed to one side by the wall.

“We are trying to promote Burnley. Now the football team has been promoted to the Premiership there will be more people visiting the town. We need to clean the area up not make it look worse.”

Simon Goff, the council’s head of greenspaces and amenities, said: “The headstones have not been dumped by Burnley Council.

“We were aware that someone had been dumping headstones that had been replaced with new ones. We are continuing to investigate the matter and take the appropriate action. The council only permits registered memorial masons to work in Burnley Cemetery.

“When the council removes a headstone it is disposed of by crushing, so that no inscriptions remains, and the remains recycled.”




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