Burnley teen cheats death in car park ‘free running’ stunt

Millennium Car Park, Burnley.'Photo Ben Parsons
Millennium Car Park, Burnley.'Photo Ben Parsons

A TEENAGER cheated death after plunging from a multi-storey car park in a daredevil “free running” stunt.

Kyle Bailey (17) suffered neck, back and leg injuries after he fell 15ft.from a ledge on top the Millennium Car Park whilst doing Parkour – an urban acrobatics craze.

The half-term horror fall came just weeks after the teen’s best friend shattered both of his legs in a similar accident.

His dad, Simon, said: “They had been doing free running. His injuries are pretty serious. Another of his friends broke both his legs doing it a few weeks ago.

“You would think he would have had more sense. But it didn’t seem to put him off. He better be hanging up his free running boots now.”

On Tuesday night Kyle and two friends, aged 17 and 26, climbed into the multi-storey car park to practice free running stunts which involve rolling, climbing and jumping from street obstacles – but he slipped backwards from a 10th floor ledge onto a concrete roof below.

Crew manager Alan Ashworth, of Burnley Fire Station,said crews were called out at 11-30 p.m. to help free the trapped teen from the locked building.

He said: “We had to use cutting gear to get in and assist paramedics with the casualty. They had been doing free running where they jump between buildings but I think he missed the gap.

“He was conscious but the paramedics had to sedate him because he was in incredible pain. The way he fell he is very lucky. It could have been fatal.”

The 17-year-old was taken to the Royal Blackburn Hospital where he is still being treated.

Staff at the Brick Street car park have spoken out about daredevil youngsters repeatedly risking their lives, warning – one slip and you could end up dead.

Bill Newham, a car park attendant, said that it was a constant battle to stop school children, skateboarders and free runners from using the site as a playground.

He said: “The kids have no fear at all. They climb right up the front of the building and by the time we get up there they have done it with no ropes or anything. There is nothing we can do.

“We get phone calls saying that there’s kids hanging off Level 11. You think ‘What are they doing? They will kill themselves!’ But they think it’s funny. One slip from there and you’ve had it.”

A spokesman for car park owners NCP said: “We are very concerned to hear of our car park being illegally entered and used as a playground, alongside the fact that they were using very high level floors to perform their stunts.

“Playing on such high levels is incredibly dangerous and we will work closely with the police to discourage incidents like this occurring again.”