BNP county councillor will not defend Padiham/Burnley West seat

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Voters will elect Burnley’s representatives on the county council on May 2nd.

Three key figures will not seek re-election. Sharon Wilkinson, the country’s first BNP county councillor, will not be defending her Padiham and Burnley West seat.

Lib Dem ex-leader of Burnley Borough Council Charlie Briggs is not standing in Burnley Central West and his party colleague, former Mayor of Burnley Peter McCann, will not seek re-election in Burnley North East.

Lib Dem Jeff Sumner will defend Burnley South West against Labour’s Bea Foster, Tory Joe Barker and the BNP’s David Shapcott. Burnley Central West will see Lib Dem Neil Mottershead against Labour’s Tony Martin, Tory Matthew Isherwood, Independent Martyn Hurt and the BNP’s Christopher Vanns.

In Burnley NE, Lib Dem Janet Brown stands against Labour’s Terry Burns, Tory Lewis Auld and UKIP’s Cameron Stewart.

Lib Dem Margaret Brindle will defend her Burnley Rural seat against Labour’s Mark Townsend, Tory David Heginbotham, UKIP’s Tom Commis and Independent Jordan Moreland.

Labour’s Dr Misfar Hassan will be defending his seat in Burnley Central East against Lib Dem Justin Birtwistle, Tory Tom Watson, UKIP’s Jamie McGowan and the BNP’s Tony Bamber.

Finally, in Padiham and Burnley West, the BNP’s Paul Robinson will be defending his party’s seat against Labour’s Marcus Johnstone, Lib Dem Sandra Byrne and Tory Andrew Newhouse.