Anti-Capitalists take to the streets of Burnley

UK Uncut protestors outside Dorothy Perkins in Burnley.'Photo Ben Parsons
UK Uncut protestors outside Dorothy Perkins in Burnley.'Photo Ben Parsons

A DOZEN anti-Capitalist protesters demonstrated outside Burnley’s Dorothy Perkins store in opposition to UK tax avoidance.

The group, a Burnley branch of UK Uncut, conducted a peaceful demonstration in St James’s Street.

The Arcadia Group, which owns Dorothy Perkins, is headed by tycoon Sir Philip Green who has been targeted nationally by UK Uncut as a tax dodger because of tax arrangements involving his wife, who lives in the tax haven of Monaco.

A spokesman for the group said he had hoped more people would attend but a similar protest in Manchester was planned for the same day.

“We think the day was a great success and we fully intend to have further actions in the Burnley area largely thanks to the support we received.

“As the cuts are getting deeper and coming far more quickly than I think the public expected, we’re seeing support nationwide for our campaign grow and we hope at future protests here in Burnley more and more people will turn up to highlight the public’s lack of support for the cuts we’re seeing.

“We’re very pleased the protest passed entirely peacefully, the police provided effective and good-natured support and we’d like to thank them and town centre management for accommodating us.”

Mr Terry Perkins, who travelled from Manchester to Burnley for the protest, said: “Millions of people, through no fault of their own, face horrendous cuts in their living standards because of the anarchy of the free market. The economic tsunami sweeping over us is the result of the gluttonous greed of our banksters.”

Sir Philip has been appointed an “efficiency tsar” by the Government to advise on public sector spending cuts.