Anger over state over Burnley’s Coaching House pub

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A PARISH council has clashed with Burnley Council over the site of a former pub.

Habergham Eaves Parish Council members are unhappy at the way in which the site of the Coaching House pub in Glen View Road has been allowed to deteriorate.

The Coaching House closed a number of years ago, and in May 2009 Burnley Council’s Development Control Committee approved a plan to convert the building into a 52-bedroom care home.

The application from Sage Care Homes Ltd had been refused the previous year over its design and size.

After being granted permission in May 2009, Sage Care Homes had three years to build the development.

But Rebecca Hay, clerk of Habergham Eaves Parish Council, said fencing around the site had now fallen down.

She said: “The site is a real mess and nearby residents are not very happy. The parish council has approached Burnley Council a handful of times to ask for something to be done.

“We have been told planning permission is until 2012 and the council has no idea when the work will begin.

“This is fair enough, but the parish council’s concern is with the insecure site which could attract gypsies and could be a danger if children get on.

“Despite several reminders to the council, its officers seem unwilling to reply and advise what action is to be taken or if they have even been up.”

But a spokesman for Burnley Council said it could not force the developers to re-erect the fencing.

“Planning permission was granted in 2009 and the developers have three years from that date in which to start work.

“It is obviously the responsibility of the landowner to ensure the site is clean. Our Streetscene department received a complaint in December about the site. An officer went out but couldn’t find any problems. That was the last time we were aware of any complaint.

“However, an officer has been in touch with the agents of the developer highlighting the fact that the fencing is down.

“Providing the site is safe we cannot force the developers to reinstall the fence. We would also like to apologise to the parish council for not getting back to it more promptly.”