Anger as travellers move to Burnley play area

A group of travellers have moved from one recreation site in South-West Burnley to another, prompting anger from nearby residents.

The travellers had set up camp on the Hargher Clough Recreation Ground several weeks ago, but have now moved around the corner to a play area in Harold Avenue.

Travellers in Harold Avenue

Travellers in Harold Avenue

Residents expressed their anger on social media at the rubbish left behind, which is still visible. A number of gas canisters and black bin bags, as well as litter, are strewn around the site.

The travellers have now moved very close to Lawrence Avenue, a site which has been identified in the Burnley Local Plan as a possible permanent camp for travellers.

A spokesman for Burnley Council said: “We are aware of the travellers who moved from Hargher Street to Harold Avenue and we’re taking steps in an ordinary way to get them moved on.

“We have been in contact with the group today and encouraged them to vacate the council-owned land. Unless this happens, we will need to look at other options.”