Latest news from the fishing scene


Foulridge Reservoir has started to produce plenty of roach, as Barry Martin and Trevor Moffatt showed.

Both anglers opted for a feeder approach and were rewarded by a bite a chuck, a four-hour session netting just over 30lb of redfins apiece.

Excited about this, they ventured out after work in the week for a two-hour stint, and were rewarded with over 15lb apiece again.

I maintain this water does not produce these roach until the end of July and beginning of August in any great number - the proof has been shown with these two anglers’ nets.

Phil, the bailiff on this water, says a couple of anglers took 100lb of bream in a night session also. I think if the food is going in for these fish, you have a great chance of a big net.

Work on this water by the canal and river trust, plus the Pendle committee, will commence in the second week in September, trimming bushes and trees to give the sailing club a better chance to ride their wind surf boards. Also the angling club can see where a few pegs can be erected. I have noticed no members will lift a finger to help out...


The junior Christmas match will be fished on December 14th with the seniors on Croft/Town House. Advance tickets only.

Today’s trophy match is on Croft. The Tuesday match on Town House last week was won by Rob McKendry.