Rivers helped form many of Burnley's ancient boundaries

Boundaries – Parliamentary boundaries. We have been hearing a lot about them recently, writes local historian ROGER FROST.

Songs of Sunrise by Robert Neill

Song of Sunrise paints a true social history

A few weeks ago I indicated that I would let you know which books about the locality I have enjoyed reading over the years, writes local historian Roger Frost.

Lancashire Day

Get ready for Lancashire Day

We are of course proud to be Lancastrians - so there is plenty to celebrate on Lancashire Day.
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Entertainer Eugene Earle

Entertainer who took on a lion armed only with a banjo

Global minstrel, radio pioneer and multi-talented musician Eugene Earle became a household name in Lancashire during the first half of the last century. Here John Grimbaldeston relives his extraordinary life
The art work depicting Burnleys past at the 1993 entrance to the Burnley Central Library.

Let's rejoice that we still have libraries

We conclude the history of the Burnley Library Service with this article, writes local historian ROGER FROST.

The portico (Grimshaw Street) entrance to Burnley Library before the alterations of the early 1990s.

Positive signs for the future

In last week’s article about the history of the Library Service in Burnley we got to the point, in July, 1930, when the Burnley Central Library was opened, writes local historian Roger Frost.

The Beatles in Blackpool ahead of their appearance at the Opera House on August 16, 1964

Day The Beatles played in a front room in Lancashire

Lancashire author Richard Houghton's new book captures the memories of Beatles fans who saw the Fab Four play live. Here he shares memories of concerts in the Red Rose county.

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The reunion will take place on Saturday, November 12th at Ighten Leigh Social Club.

Annual reunion set for another barnstorming edition

The annual former Simonstone Factory Mullard’s workers reunion is set for another chapter.

Rockets The Who pictured in their early days

Searching for fans of The Who

Legendary rockers The Who played gigs right across Lancashire on their rise to global stardom in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Now author Richard Houghton is looking for fans who saw the band play in the early days to share their memories for a new book.
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The site of William Marshalls furniture store can be seen to the right of the Cross Keys on St Jamess Street in Burnley

Libraries come to town!

This week sees part two of Retro’s look at the story of libraries in Burnley, writes local historian Roger Frost.
The Queen, Duke of Edinburgh and Prince of Wales (hidden right) on the Leeds and Liverpool canal in Burnley, 2012

Two hundred years of the Leeds and Liverpool canal

Celebrations are taking place this week to mark 200 years of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. Jade Taylorson looks back at the origins on an engineering project which changed the face of the north of England forever
St Jamess Street, Burnley, at about the time of Gilbertsons Subscription Library

Lending libraries of Burnley's past

I have been writing “Retro” and Peek into the Past” for so long that I thought I ought to do an audit of the subjects I have covered, writes local historian ROGER FROST.
The Yorkshire Hotel seen from the south side of the Culvert

Burnley's inns of the past

I am often asked to write about Burnley’s public houses but I am aware that there a number of local people who know a lot more about them than I do, writes local historian ROGER FROST.

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The New and the Old: The Library, top left, and the Magistrates Court (not Police Station) both feature in the book, Burnleys Twentieth Century Buildings.

An attack on Burnley's heritage

Whichever way you look at it 2016 has been one in which heritage issues cannot be ignored, writes local historian ROGER FROST.

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Metal detectorist John Bradbury with the WWI sweetheart locket which is his latest find

Long lost pendant could be key to story of wartime romance

A metal detecting enthusiast’s latest find could tell a story of lost love and romance from World War One.
Redevelopment of St James's Street showing Woolworth's and the Keirby Hotel, then the Burnley Crest

Burnley in the 1960s and 1970s

It is not everybody who is interested in the later 19th Century and the early 20th Century, the era in which many of the photographs I use were taken, writes local historian ROGER FROST.

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More Benedictine is sold in one Lancashire social club than anywhere else in the world

Social club whose drinkers have a worldwide reputation

Throughout the First World War thousands of Lancashire soldiers served on the frontline in northern France. Perhaps the most unusual legacy of the era is the love affair between a Lancashire social club and a French liqueur. MIKE HILL reports
A 1963 4 door saloon Morris Minor which is touring the UK

Why this cult classic still rules the roads

Forty five years after the last Morris Minor rolled off the production line the car remains a cult classic loved by motorists everywhere . Steve Rose, secretary of the Lancashire branch of the Morris Minor Owners Club, explains the enduring passion of the icon of the road.
St. John the Divine, Holme-in-Cliviger

New books shed light on town history

With this column I try to keep you informed about what is happening in local history and heritage, writes local historian ROGER FROST.

Chilling Tales from Burnley's Past

Book review: Chilling Tales from Burnley's Past

History becomes more relevant as you get older, especially when it concerns the town where you were born and bred.

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