Family heirloom bracelet found after Express appeal

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A FAMILY heirloom lost in Burnley centre is back home – and from now on it is only coming out on special occasions.

The bracelet went missing as Jane Platt did her shopping after taking her grandson to nursery. It had special memories for her because it belonged to her late mother-in-law, Mrs Audrey Platt, of Sycamore Close, Burnley, and complemented a ring that had belonged to her own late mother.

It was traced after her step-daughter, Emma, appealed to Express readers for help.

“I had a phone call from a lady to say she had found it on the floor at Marks and Spencer,” said Mrs Platt, of Lower Manor Lane, Burnley. “We couldn’t believe it. It’s brilliant. I just burst out crying.”

The bracelet had been spotted by Mrs Linda Lalor. Mrs Platt said: “I’m so grateful, and can’t thank her enough.”

The distinctive gold and opal bracelet was bought eight years ago when Mrs Audrey Platt went to Australia to visit her daughter, Lesley Little, who lives in Brisbane.

Added Mrs Platt: “When we looked at it carefully we found one of the links between the stones had split, so I went to Peter’s Jewellers, and a kind lady there fixed it straightaway.

“She advised me only to wear it for special occasions – and that’s exactly what I am going to do from now on!”