Libraries come to town!

This week sees part two of Retro’s look at the story of libraries in Burnley, writes local historian Roger Frost.
The Queen, Duke of Edinburgh and Prince of Wales (hidden right) on the Leeds and Liverpool canal in Burnley, 2012

Two hundred years of the Leeds and Liverpool canal

Celebrations are taking place this week to mark 200 years of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. Jade Taylorson looks back at the origins on an engineering project which changed the face of the north of England forever
St Jamess Street, Burnley, at about the time of Gilbertsons Subscription Library

Lending libraries of Burnley's past

I have been writing “Retro” and Peek into the Past” for so long that I thought I ought to do an audit of the subjects I have covered, writes local historian ROGER FROST.
The Yorkshire Hotel seen from the south side of the Culvert

Burnley's inns of the past

I am often asked to write about Burnley’s public houses but I am aware that there a number of local people who know a lot more about them than I do, writes local historian ROGER FROST.

Nostalgia 1
The New and the Old: The Library, top left, and the Magistrates Court (not Police Station) both feature in the book, Burnleys Twentieth Century Buildings.

An attack on Burnley's heritage

Whichever way you look at it 2016 has been one in which heritage issues cannot be ignored, writes local historian ROGER FROST.

Opinion 1
Metal detectorist John Bradbury with the WWI sweetheart locket which is his latest find

Long lost pendant could be key to story of wartime romance

A metal detecting enthusiast’s latest find could tell a story of lost love and romance from World War One.
Redevelopment of St James's Street showing Woolworth's and the Keirby Hotel, then the Burnley Crest

Burnley in the 1960s and 1970s

It is not everybody who is interested in the later 19th Century and the early 20th Century, the era in which many of the photographs I use were taken, writes local historian ROGER FROST.

Nostalgia 1
More Benedictine is sold in one Lancashire social club than anywhere else in the world

Social club whose drinkers have a worldwide reputation

Throughout the First World War thousands of Lancashire soldiers served on the frontline in northern France. Perhaps the most unusual legacy of the era is the love affair between a Lancashire social club and a French liqueur. MIKE HILL reports
A 1963 4 door saloon Morris Minor which is touring the UK

Why this cult classic still rules the roads

Forty five years after the last Morris Minor rolled off the production line the car remains a cult classic loved by motorists everywhere . Steve Rose, secretary of the Lancashire branch of the Morris Minor Owners Club, explains the enduring passion of the icon of the road.
St. John the Divine, Holme-in-Cliviger

New books shed light on town history

With this column I try to keep you informed about what is happening in local history and heritage, writes local historian ROGER FROST.

Chilling Tales from Burnley's Past

Book review: Chilling Tales from Burnley's Past

History becomes more relevant as you get older, especially when it concerns the town where you were born and bred.

Julie Kayley with her first book, Chiling Events from Burnley's Past

Book of tragic true tales was a labour of love for grieving mum

A grieving mum’s way of coping with the loss of her son has led to the publication of a book that puts the spotlight on tragic true tales from Burnley’s past.
Traffic waiting for the official opening of the first completed section of the M65 in October, 1981. Spectators line the bridge, above. (s)

Images of M65 construction

Last week, in the Retro article “M65 now part of history”, we reflected on the fact that the Burnley section of the M65 was opened almost 35 years ago, writes local historian ROGER FROST.

M65 now part of history

M65 now part of history

The M65, with all its failings, is a matter of everyday life in Burnley, writes local historian ROGER FROST.

It looks like a struggle for this little lad trying to persuade his calf to move it at the 1984 Royal Lancashire Show

History of the Royal Lancashire Show

The Royal Lancashire Show gets underway today, John Grimbaldeston looks at how the event became established in local life.

England's soccer captain Bobby Moore, carried shoulder high by his team mates, holds aloft the FIFA World Cup, July 30, 1966.

Graham recalls England’s 1966 World Cup victory for TV

A Clarets fan who was one of the 96,924 people at Wembley for the 1966 World Cup Final will appear in an ITV documentary looking back on England’s greatest footballing achievement 50 years on from the historic 4-2 win over West Germany.

News 1
Players line up in front of the stand renamed in Nigel's memory

Football stand named in honour of Colne FC ‘legend’

The Nigel Coates Stand was officially opened at Colne FC to honour the man affectionally known as “Legend”.

Rigby Jerram plotting field  boundaries for the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership Scheme. (Photo by M.Wright)

“Detectives” seek Pendle Hill clues

Two special “detectives” are busy gathering evidence in and around Lancashire landmark Pendle Hill.

News 3
Beatrix Potter day planned for historic hall

Beatrix Potter day planned for historic hall

Gawthorpe Hall will be recognising the 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter’s birth with themed family activities this Thursday.

Historic club honours past with memorial garden

Historic club honours past with memorial garden

When, six years ago, Lancashire County Council pulled the funding for the Burnley Boys’ and Girls’ Club, there was a very real threat of one of the county’s oldest and most historically colourful establishments struggling to stay afloat. But instead of doom and gloom, the club’s tale is one of resilience and progress.

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