Burnley Lane residents’ anger over missing out on regeneration projects

Brennand Street in Burnley. Residents are appealing for more order on their street. G291011/4
Brennand Street in Burnley. Residents are appealing for more order on their street. G291011/4

RESIDENTS in the Brennand Street area of Burnley have said they have been left out of the town’s regeneration projects.

Speaking at the latest meeting of Burnley Council, Mrs Jennifer Braddock from Burnley Lane Residents’ Group told councillors people living in the area, off Colne Road, were fed up with boarded-up empty properties, litter, band tenants and anti-social behaviour.

“Nothing has been done to try to improve the area. The street cleaners do an excellent job but unfortunately there are take-away cartons, bottles and cans in front gardens and back yards,” she said.

“Many houses in the area are empty. We feel action needs to be taken against landlords who fail to maintain their properties.

“Many of the houses have been broken into and the fittings removed.”

Mrs Braddock asked councillors whether the landlord licensing scheme currently in force in Trinity ward could be brought to the area.

“There are residents who have lived there for 30 or 50 years and they should be able to enjoy the area,”

Coun. Roger Frost, the council’s Executive member for regeneration and economic development, said he would arrange a meeting with residents to look at potential improvements.

“The council has been aware of this problem for some time. We will look into the landlord licensing scheme. We are also aware of vacant properties. It’s been sad for me to see the area decline as it has done. We are seeking funding for problems like this.

“It will take time to restore the area to what it was in the past. I think it’s about time we did something about it,” he said.

But Labour Coun. Mark Townsend said the Lib-Dems had decided they did not want to spend money in that area.

“What we have had is a wasted opportunity where the housing renewal programme went too long and too slowly and now what we are left with is no funding and no plan and that’s not good enough.”